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  • wooden height chart and ruler with little girl measuring her height against it
  • oak height chart or ruler with name and date engraved in bubbly font
  • height chart and measurements in centimetres in oak
  • child's height chart engraved with butterfly image
  • Child's height chart ruler in oak mounted vertically against wall
  • Child's height ruler close up showing engraving quality "1 Metre"

Child’s Personalised Height Chart in Oak


Height Chart mounted at 500mm, so it records heights from 500mm – 1700mm.

(Approximately from toddler to 16 year old range.)

Dimensions: 1200mm  x 164mm x 23mm thick Oak

Satin sealed finish.

Supplied with all fixings

A quality oak Height Chart: A perfect gift for the growing family!


(Sorry – couldn’t resist that!) One of the major benefits of this height chart is that moving house no longer means leaving this record behind! Simply detach from the wall, and all those wonderful years go with you. 🙂

Several children (and several generations of children) can compare their growth! From the moment they can stand unaided, right up until they’re leaving school, you can keep an enduring record of their growth and their age.

This Height Chart is exquisitely finished to protect the wood, yet also enabling pencil and pen records to be permanently recorded. For example, a permanent pen will draw a fine line, and not bleed along the grain. Multiple colours can be used – one for each child!

As with all of my range, this solid oak height chart can be personalised in many ways: Names, dates, phrases and images too…take a look below at the techniques that can be used to make your height ruler completely unique. Simply describe what you would like when ordering..there’s no extra cost involved. The personalisation can include one or two names in the font of your choice, and a vector image at the top.

If you’re looking for a specific font, head over to and have a browse. Simply tell me the name of the font you like, and I’ll do the visual for you in that! Simple!

UK Delivery included in price. International shipping with tracking and insurance is available also at a discounted rate.





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