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  • Phone Stand for two phones in oak with three bowls and personalisation
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  • Childrens handprints available for engraving

His and Hers Phone Stand and Charging Point


Dimensions: 360mm x 160mm x 50mm thick

Satin Varnish finish.

For two phones to be charged at the same time. Two versions available. Solid oak. Fully personalised. Product can be altered to house a tablet instead.

Free UK delivery

Tell me how you want it personalised (So I can create a visual for your approval.) *

EG. “ADAM” in Tiranti Font bottom right hand corner…and could I have an elephant at the top please?

Two His and Hers Phone Stand versions are available, both in solid oak:


Version #1: Symmetrical Design with a large bowl in front of each respective phone station, and a smaller bowl between. This could be for keys, change or any small item of jewellery.

Phone Stand for two phones in oak with three bowls and personalisation

Version #2: Asymmetrical Design for a more bold statement. One large profiled bowl to the right with a second smaller bowl to the left hand side. Swooping channels draw the eye through the aesthetics of this concept and seem to refer to a primary and a secondary phone! Who will get the top slot?!

Personalised His and Hers phone stand

Both designs allow the owner’s charging cable to be fed through the underside of the stand to plug into the port of the phone as it sits securely in the stand. The stand is supplied with four high quality self adhesive feet to raise it off the surface perfectly, so the charging cable can feed beneath and into the stand effectively.


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