Personalisation Options

A Christening, Wedding, Birthday...Or, "I Just needed to say..."

You're looking for really special, personalised gift:

 Something unique and useful,  

Something they will cherish for the rest of their lives?  

Don't worry...I've got a solution for you.

(Well over 20 solutions, actually!) 😉

A superb functional gift, perfectly personalised for you.

And yet there's more.

Take a look at the free options below: All unique to Talbot and Bourne.


A massive choice of fonts. I use the huge range of fonts which are free for commercial use at FontSquirrel. Take a look! (Link opens a new tab.) You can even test what your wording will look like by clicking on a font, then clicking "Test Drive". Just let me know the name of the font you require, when submitting your order. I'll create a visual for you to approve, so if you want to change your mind, you can!

Handwritten Message

Your own handwritten message. If you really want to send something personal, you can have a message written in your own handwriting, or your child's writing! This could be a simple, "I love you," or a line from a song. "Best Daddy" written in a child's hand is a real tear-jerker! Just write out your message on a piece of paper, take a photo with your phone and either "share" it to or use the "file upload" button on the order form. Simple!

Handwriting engraved on personalised wooden test tube bud vase gift

Carved Heart

3D Carved Heart. Unique to Talbot & Bourne, these are VERY popular. You can see why too! They take quite a while to create, but they're worth it. Did I mention that all of these personalisations come within the price? 

 single-heart-tealight-oakwooden initial letters in oak as freestanding monogram

A Line Drawing

Child's Line Drawing. There's nothing quite like a child's drawing to strike right at the heart! How about a simple face or whole body drawing, done by a little-one, beautifully engraved into this A-Grade oak? As a Daddy myself, I can tell you, that anything with a drawing on done by my little girl would instantly become priceless. It's easy for you to do as well...just follow the same instructions as for the handwritten message (above.)

Vector Art

Vector Art. Signs, symbols, icons, cartoons...I use  VectorStock as an excellent resource of free and paid vector art. Click the link, and another tab will open for you to browse the thousands of images at your disposal. When you find something that you like, just let me have the "Royalty Free Vector Stock image file ID" from the top left of the image, so I can find it again for you. Most images are free, some cost $1.00...let me know what you want, and I'll see if I already have bought it. Other valuable resources can be found on Google This link takes you to a selection of "rings"...If you changed the word, "Ring" for the object you were searching for, I'm sure you'd see a massive selection.)

deep engraved image of steampunk image octopus and gears

Child's Handprint

New for 2017: Have you child's handprint engraved, to scale, on your chosen gift. It's easier than you might think. Get your little one to do a handprint using some dark paint on white paper. Take a picture with your phone, and email it to me. (Use the "Share" icon, and choose "Email"

The version below shows one painted and then finished in satin, but you can have it unpainted if you prefer. All these options are in the price, as listed.

Childrens handprints available for engraving


a) Choose a product

b) Describe what you would like on it. 

I'll email a free proof for your inspection, and we work from there. If it needs editing, I can carry on doing that until you're perfectly happy. 🙂

(UK delivery in just 10 working days)


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