Personalised gifts free fonts using google fonts

Choose from 800 FREE Google Fonts

Just as the title suggests, you can now take your pick of up to 800 Free Google fonts for your personalised gift! If you’re looking for a truly special gift for your loved-one, you’re in the right place to start with, but if you’re trying to refine it still further, hop over to the Choose your Font page, and search through the extensive Google Fonts catalogue for free. Ordering couldn’t be more simple! Just add the name of your chosen…

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Personalised carving board with names of bride and groom and wedding date engraved

Of Carving Boards, Phone Stands and Hearts!

Recent dispatches – well, yesterday actually – I thought I’d tell you about. The thing is, I’m usually so busy on the designing and making side that there’s very little time left to make myself a Mocha (LOVE MOCHAS!) and write a post for my Blog. But if you can bear the sipping, I’m at that now! (I need to hurry though, as one cup won’t last long!) Hanging Heart. This one is for the celebration of a couple’s wedding.…

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oak height chart or ruler with name and date engraved in bubbly font

Oak Child’s Height Ruler – New!

Wooden Height rulers seem to be quite popular at the moment, so I thought I’d get in on the act! That probably seems brazenly honest, but I wanted one for my little lady, but I wanted features not available elsewhere. As a result, you can have: It made from solid A-Grade oak (Not softwood!…Mine will last for generations!) It can have ANY writing on it (Not just a name…you can even have someone’s handwritten message engraved!) It can have an…

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7 day lead time on all personalised wooden gifts to the uk

New 7 Day Lead Time

7 Day Lead Time! Due to a recent efficiency drive, I’ve managed to reduce the time it takes for me to design, create, finish and deliver my range of personalised wooden gifts. There are a couple of caveats though! I regret that whilst I am unable to alter the simple physics of Yacht Varnish drying times…some things just won’t be hurried along, and for that beautiful glassy and exterior proof finish (as in exterior bespoke oak signage) then the wait…

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Personalised butchers block chopping board

Gin and Tonic Lemon Cutting block – Personalised

Shopping for a G&T Lover? If the Gin aficionado in your life likes “Ice and a slice..” then I’ve the perfect gift! FACT: End Grain cutting boards and chopping blocks are the Rolls Royce of preparation surfaces.  Why? They are even more durable than the standard cross grain oak, AND they are kinder to your beautiful knives too! Don’t get me wrong, a normal oak chopping board will last for ages…I’ve still got my Grandmothers, and that is easily over…

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Changing Host – Normal Service is still available

Dear Customers, I’m about to change the hosting provider for my site, and there might be some disruption to various aspects of the site, during this process. (Hopefully, none!) Firstly, I’m very sorry for any confusion that might be caused during the changeover, but it is necessary to enhance both the speed and security of my site; something which matters equally to us all, I feel. Whilst this is happening, please be assured that I am still here, and if…

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Personalised single tealight holder in oak

Mothers Day 2017 – Carved Heart tealight in solid Oak

Oak Tealight with unique carved heart. Mother’s Day 2017. Something special for your lovely Mum! Solid oak single candle tealights with the unique Talbot and Bourne carved heart on the front. A heart of oak, as a small “Thank You” for her selfless strength in times of need. Limited run. First come, first served basis. £19.50 Inc free UK delivery. Order before 13th, to avoid disappointment.   Single Candle Tealight: Solid Oak Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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New HomePage. Redesign Complete.

Talbot & Bourne’s new homepage is now up and running! Thank you for your patience! The new home page is now complete (well, all the major strokes anyway!), so you can now see the full range of personalisation options, and that they’re to be included within the list price… (This part, I must admit, is still being rolled out on all the actual product listings. It takes quite a while to edit each product, but I’m getting through between two…

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Website Maintenance Work

Website Maintenance – Week beginning 27th Feb 2017 Apologies for any inconvenience caused, but with the aim of making my site easier to use, I will be performing some alterations over this week. Everything should still be working, and you are still protected by SSL security certification and PayPal financial guarantees, as per usual. Things might look a little “odd” from time to time…that’s all. Many thanks for your patience! 😉 If you run into any difficulites, please don’t hesitate…

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how to I get my personalised message across

Recent Commissions: Personalised Gifts for Him and Her

Valentines Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries or Engagements..I get them all! You know those that you’re buying for really well.. Q: How do you create your message? Take a look at these examples: (…And if you want to ask me anything like these questions just drop me a quick email!) “Could you engrave these words…. in a child-like font for me?” “My friend’s called Jon and he loves Steampunk. Could you create something for him?” “They got engaged in…

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Christmas Orders

Please see this current lead times update now. The Post below is outdated and the information is no longer accurate. UPDATE!! I regret to say that due to a MASSIVE 6-fold increase on last years sales, I can no longer provide Christmas delivery. I’m still taking orders, but the current lead time is four weeks. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please note that as of 10.45am today 30th November, I only have room for another “7” …Christmas orders!  …

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Bespoke Signs – How it happens!

Looking for a sign..? (Sorry…a little Christmas pun!) I was recently emailed by a lady who appeared be finding it difficult to get anyone to look at her requirements for a bespoke sign for her Husband’s business. “Help!” she said, “I need this by the 9th of December!!” “No worries!” I said. 🙂 She sent me her original image: I created a visual for her (Ignore the colours…At this stage we discussed the colours required): Fast-forward a fortnight, and…Hey presto! One…

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Save 12% on your Christmas!

Christmas coupon time! Save 12% when your basket is over £20.00…:-) I ALWAYS have a massive rush in the lead up to the big day, so this year, to incentify less last-minute antics, I’m rewarding those that forward plan! Don’t miss it though…Offer closes on the 12th of December. Happy Christmas!

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Watch stand oak engraving quality

New from Buy Wooden Gifts – Personalised Watch Stand in Oak

New Personalised Watch Stand…Just in time for Christmas! Personalised Watch Stand in Oak. Design the front face with your words and font choice. Dimensions: 145mm deep x 200mm tall x 50mm wide (overall) Available either as unpersonalised or fully personalised. (As each stand is made to order, please remember to allow for 14 days lead time for UK deliveries. Thank you.) So what could you have engraved on the front?.. As with all of my range, you could have the recipient’s name an…

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buy wooden gifts international sales post abraham lincoln image

International Sales – Brexit…?

International Sales – Buy Wooden Gifts Brexit was and Brexit will be…No doubt about that! I’m not wanting to stir up any political slurry with this post, but in the last two weeks, I’ve exported to Australia, and Rhode Island (USA). Currently I’ve got commisions in progress for two more to USA and one to Switzerland, and international orders have actually strengthened for Buy Wooden Gifts since the referendum in June. It’s not without its stresses…the shipping adds to the…

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dewali gifts by buy wooden gifts of Bournemouth uk

Diwali Gift – Happy Diwali Tealight NEW!

Diwali – The “Festival of Lights” Sunday, October 30th 2016 This ancient Hindu festival is a wonderful time of family, prayer and gift-giving. On the night itself, Hindus dress up in their best clothes, light up lamps and candles inside and outside their home, participate in family prayers to Lakshmi – the goddess of fertility and prosperity. Afterwards, there are fireworks and a family feast including mithai (sweets), and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. In…

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Anniversary Gift Oak jewellery bowl with personalised border and engraved message

Anniversary Gift – Personalised Oak Jewellery Tray

Anniversary Gifts are often tricky things to get right…and as for the Fifth!? “Wood” Well here’s an answer for one couple. I’ve just completed and dispatched off to Rhode Island, a jewellery tray which honours a couple’s mutual affections. The wording is quite wonderful… “What the boy felt at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only woman in his life, and that, with no need for words, she recognized the same thing.” And the border…

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A leaving gift of a pencil stand or desk tidy with the company name and the recipients name engraved

Leaving Gift Commission

A special, one-off gift created as a leaving gift for a colleague. Materials: Solid oak, Brass Rod Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 120mm The central void is created in such a way that the edges align for the smooth insertion and storing of pencils. The product has been personalised with the company Logo on one edge, the colleague’s name on the other.

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New Website Theme!

The old website appearance has been rejuvinated! I hope you like the look 😉 After a recent update, lots of sections of the old site became corrupted, so I thought it was time for a makeover. The broad sweeps are done, but I’ve got a fair amount of changes to affect under the bonnet which will make both the personalising and purchasing easier to navigate and quicker. So please accept my apologies for the sudden change, and please be just…

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personalised pet food bowls with names engraved in times new roman font complete with stainless steel bowls

Personalised Pet Food Bowls

Now this was a lovely request! “Can you make me a couple of these?” [photo] (I love it when people ask me that question;-)) The customer “Tammy” sent me a link for the stainless Steel bowls on Ebay, I bought them for her, and built two solid oak bowls around their dimensions. All to match her brand new oak kitchen!…Now there’s a client after my own heart 😉 (But at only £34.99 each including bowl and UK delivery, who couldn’t…

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Personalised wooden signs for every situation

Bespoke Business Sign in Oak

Beautiful bespoke business sign created in 115 year old oak! Recently dispatched, personalised sign created for a business in the Poole area, Dorset. The customer provided a PDF of the image, which I re-drew to ensure the quality sharp edges and images (such as the knife and especially the spoon and fork overlaid) work beautifully when engraved. All of this is quite usual, and is included in the price. Dimensions: 24mm thick, 300mm diameter. Finish: Yacht Varnish (3 coats) over…

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custom christian sign oak close up of gold leaf painted "Lord" and yacht varnish finish

Personalised Christian Signs – All finished!

Christian Signs: The bespoke sign of a Biblical quote that I showed you in visual form last time is now completed and in the hands of a very happy new owner! The Client – Jennie – had specified the message that was to be engraved, and shown me a similar version she’d seen advertised on an American Christian signs site…”Can you do something like this?” she asked. After a little editing and tweaking to make sure Jennie really was very happy…

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Religious wooden bespoke sign visual showing the wording in a range of fonts a crucifix and different outline

Latest Signs in production

Take a look at these..A couple of the latest signs that I’m creating! I get a lot of traffic to my site for the wooden signs. This is mainly due to the fact that what I offer is normally only seen over the pond in the USA, and then it’s far more expensive. I thought I’d show you what I’m working on right now, and then update the post with finished photos later on! Wooden signs have had a chequered…

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Personalised wooden cloak made from oak with writing replacing one hour or number hometime

Personalised Wooden Clock

How about a personalised oak clock for your home? Popular with clients with particular interests, these beautiful solid oak clocks can be personalised to highlight your passion, and when you allocate time for it! So, any hour, any wording and any font! For example: “Walkies” “Tiffin” “Pub” “Wine-0-clock” “Elevenses” “Cake”…or whatever takes your fancy! What’s in the box? Each wallclock comes with a battery operated quartz movement, black “Spade” hands (as illustrated) and measures 25cm in diameter and can be…

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personalised phone stand engraved with child's handwriting Daddy's Things

Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2016 We all know the problem: The man you’re trying to buy for has extremely expensive tastes! Yeah, I know he’d like a Ferrari, a personalised Tag Heuer watch, a yachting holiday in the British Virgin Isles (well I know I would!) but frankly, men are dreamers in the main – and with material aspirations such as these, they need to be! So what can you buy for the Dad that’s always been there for you,…

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chopping board or cheese board with personalised signature of the customer inlayed to the bottom right hand corner

Chopping/Cheese Board – Personalised with Signature

Chopping Board or Cheese Board with your own signature beautifully inlayed. Personalised Chopping Board Gift: If you’re looking for something really special to give for a wedding gift or Anniversary, or if your search for a great “Gift for Him” is just returning the same old things, take a look at this totally unique product..! The client sent me a photograph of the recipient’s surname signature ..I deeply engraved that into the surface of this 40mm thick oak slab. The…

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vectorstock front page images suitable for personalised gifts engraving

Image Library – Images for personalised gifts

Image Library Question: How do you find the perfect image for engraving onto one of the range of personalised wooden gifts from It’s really quite simple, and actually rather enjoyable, if you’re willing to spend a few minutes searching through the catalogue. For years I’ve been using the superb resources of Vectorstock: A massive online resource for quality vector images. They have over 36,000 PAGES (!) of images for you to browse…but first let me explain something, before you…

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house plaque or house sign in oak showing engraved gate and yacht varnish finish

Personalised Wooden Signs – Latest Commissions

Personalised Wooden Signs I thought I’d put out some of my latest commissions as they are a bit different to the norm. I always offer customers the chance to have whatever they want, as long as it’s physically possible! Mostly, this translates into signs with words and images, often these then have irregular borders, as, well, you just can’t get these anywhere else. I think other makers just look upon this as too time-consuming…Not enough profit in them…? I just have…

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Personalised Carving Board Wedding Gift

Personalised Carving Board Wedding Gift Wedding gifts can be tricky, right? No. Not at A large range of beautifully customizable oak wooden gifts… ..each created to order out of the finest quality 115 year old oak  is just waiting for you to see the potential for a once-in-a-lifetime gift. The Carving Board, is a class-leader. Available in either the standard cross grain or the professional end-grain construction, its sizeable mass and the potential to have names, dates, handwritten (yes,…

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wedding gifts personalised tealight holder in oak as a wedding gift with names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding and heart engraved on front

Wedding Gifts – Personalised Quality in Oak

Wedding gifts to make your big day even more special! At there is a wide range of bespoke personalised wedding gifts from which you can choose. If you’re looking for a table decoration personalised with the names of the Bride and Groom, you’ll find several versions here. If you’re looking for a beautiful oak monogram personalised with the date of the great day itself, you’ll find it here, with options to personalise it with your own drawings or handwritten…

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discount coupon envelope with coupon inside

Discount Coupon – Unusual wooden gifts

Discount coupon for your personalised wooden gift Are you coupon crazy?! Want to get the best personalised oak gift that money can buy AND get a discount? Are you mad?! No, don’t worry…your sanity is intact (!) and will remain so when you buy from 😉 OFFER: Until the end of April 2016, there’s 15% discount on your first purchase at Just enter the following code in the box found upon checkout to see the savings come off…

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wedding gift Test Tube plant stand with bluebells and engraved wedding bride and groom names

Test Tube Plant Stand – New Personalised Gift

Test Tube Plant Stand. If you’re looking for a beautiful personalised gift to say “Thank you” to a treasured friend, or “Farewell” to a leaving colleague, you wouldn’t go far wrong with one of these beautiful personalised Plant Stands/Bud Vases. I’ve just completed an order for a lady who wanted some stable, chunk decorations for a long wedding reception table. She’s now the proud owner of six of these, each with her and her future-husband’s names, picked out with a…

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personalised oak sign or wooden sign for business

New Videos on YouTube

Personalised Oak Signs Videos Here’s a link to my YouTube channel, on which you can while away the minutes watching four videos which respectively document the process from start to finish of creating the sign shown below…Hold on to your hats though…some sections are speeded up by a factor of ten! (Otherwise, you’d be watching for hours!) 😉       Link to my Personalised oak signs page

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personalised plant label in oak with wording engraved "LEEKS" and tap image

Personalised Oak Plant Labels – New Product!

Personalised Plant Labels..for the gardener who has everything! A special gift for the gardener in your life. A deeply engraved oak personalised plant label or vegetable marker that can be engraved with the name of the plant or vegetable, some clip art, the plot number (in the case of an allotment) and even a range of different head designs. Created from the finest 100 year old oak available today, this will stand the test of time and seasons for years,…

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Personalised Key Tray in oak

Chunky Key Tray – now available!

Chunky Key Tray (50mm thick oak) has now been added to the catalogue. In response to an ever increasing number of requests, you can now purchase an EXTRA THICK version of this wonderful gift. For only £5.00 more, your special gift can morph from the already impressive 40mm thick version, like this.. the uber impressive 50mm thick version….LIKE THIS!!         Both options allow you to specify a message to be engraved in…

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wooden letter with name date and bear engraved

Personalised Wooden Gifts

Personalised Wooden Gifts for Special Occasions Need a really special present for an up-coming Wedding? Perhaps your partner would benefit from a truly significant acknowledgment of your feelings..or a Baby I’m getting asked all the time what I can recommend as a beautiful quality gift for a new-born.         Here at, there is a wide range – an ever expanding range – of personalised wooden gifts to satisfy your needs! A sign for the house, business…

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