7 Day Lead Time!

Due to a recent efficiency drive, I’ve managed to reduce the time it takes for me to design, create, finish and deliver my range of personalised wooden gifts.

There are a couple of caveats though!

chart showing the relationship bewteeen drying times and environment

I regret that whilst I am unable to alter the simple physics of Yacht Varnish drying times…some things just won’t be hurried along, and for that beautiful glassy and exterior proof finish (as in exterior bespoke oak signage) then the wait is still approximately 10 working days. (It’s worth it though…take a look at the gallery for past examples.)

captain picard saying "Energize" with sentnece below saying "Sorry, tim won't use the transporters."

And the second condition is that you are a UK customer. We all love Star Trek’s Matter Transportational Technology, but for me – I’m afraid – I just have to use planes, trains and automobiles to get my products overseas, and this takes time. 😉

(The wait is still worth it though! REVIEWS) 😉

Please take the time to browse my shop….there’s something there for every special occasion. New products are just about to be added too!