Shopping for a G&T Lover?

If the Gin aficionado in your life likes “Ice and a slice..” then I’ve the perfect gift!

FACT: End Grain cutting boards and chopping blocks are the Rolls Royce of preparation surfaces. 


They are even more durable than the standard cross grain oak, AND they are kinder to your beautiful knives too!

Don’t get me wrong, a normal oak chopping board will last for ages…I’ve still got my Grandmothers, and that is easily over 100 years old(!), but an end-grain board has the timber turned through 90degrees to present the ends of the grain strands to the cutting action. The effect is that the knife doesn’t actually cut the grain…it slices between the grains. #gin

The lemon is nice…

but you can have almost anything you like engraved there!

gin and tonic end grain cutting block for cutting lemon

End Grain

Simply the best cutting surface avaiable. The choice of professionals for generations. (NB. I mean Chefs, etc…I don’t think you can be a “Professional Gin drinker”..Sorry!)

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