Save 12% on your Christmas!

Christmas coupon time! Save 12% when your basket is over £20.00…:-) I ALWAYS have a massive rush in the lead up to the big day, so this year, to incentify less last-minute antics, I’m rewarding those that forward plan! Don’t miss it though…Offer closes on the 12th of December. Happy Christmas!

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discount coupon envelope with coupon inside

Discount Coupon – Unusual wooden gifts

Discount coupon for your personalised wooden gift Are you coupon crazy?! Want to get the best personalised oak gift that money can buy AND get a discount? Are you mad?! No, don’t worry…your sanity is intact (!) and will remain so when you buy from 😉 OFFER: Until the end of April 2016, there’s 15% discount on your first purchase at Just enter the following code in the box found upon checkout to see the savings come off…

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