Recent dispatches – well, yesterday actually – I thought I’d tell you about.

The thing is, I’m usually so busy on the designing and making side that there’s very little time left to make myself a Mocha (LOVE MOCHAS!) and write a post for my Blog. But if you can bear the sipping, I’m at that now! (I need to hurry though, as one cup won’t last long!)

Hanging Heart.

This one is for the celebration of a couple’s wedding. They’re becoming increasingly popular as you can have almost anything engraved. The carved three dimensional heart is also unique to me, in much the same way as your expression of love is unique to you! Fantastic gift for her, after all, what better exemplifies the durability of your love than solid oak!


hanging heart engraved names of bride and groom

Personalised Oak Carving Board

I LOVE making these. Each is made to order (I don’t have loads of blanks on the shelf…I wait!) and so each is utterly individual. The Butcher’s Block construction technique takes twice as long as the conventional cross grain method, but boy is it worth it! It’s both more durable, and easier on your lovely knives. Not only that but it’s far more hygienic too! This customer opted to have all of the personalisation on one edge, but yours could have the names on one side, and the date on the opposite edge. Some opt for a message to be engraved on the underside, but as it’s a double sided board (the other face is plain for presenting food or perhaps as a bread or cheeseboard) I prefer to keep it that way. This one was 40mm thick, but I can quote for different thicknesses and different sizes too.

Personalised carving board with names of bride and groom and wedding date engraved

Phone Stand – Large version

A gift for the man who has everything (…but needs to keep it a little tidier!) Now I know what you’re thinking…How has this been personalized? Well it hasn’t! Not everything I do has names, dates, loving messages and logos engraved. This one, has been bought by an American gentleman, and is right now winging its way over the vast Atlantic ocean to Maryland, USA. I always feel a little surprised when a customer requests a plain version of one of my range, and email them to make sure they’ve not forgotten to describe their wishes, but sometimes – as in this case – the customer was adamant that he loved the product just as it is. To be honest, I can see why, especially if he’s buying it for himself. After three coats of Hard Wax Oil (it dries to a beautiful splash resistant satin sheen) the watch stand, phone holder/charging slot and two bowls really shine!

unpersonalized phone stand in oak


Now the Mocha’s all gone, and the cup’s gone cold [Sigh]. Back to the workshop for me. (I’m glad I left the heater on though!)

If you are interested in anything you’ve seen here, just drop me a line. I’m no salesman, so there’s no pressure. I just LOVE what I do! 🙂

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